Ms. Pac-em 1.5
Based on CHAMP MS. Pacman, this version offers superb graphics, Soundblaster support and enhanced gameplay that truly makes you feel like you're in an arcade! A completely re-designed user interface is now easier and more powerful than before. A complete remake of the look and feel has created a truly enjoyable game.

The object of CHAMP Ms. Pac-em is to eat as many dots, fruits, and pretzels you can while avoiding the four goblins. With each maze you clear, the goblins become faster and more difficult to avoid. In the corners of the mazes are power pills. If Ms. Pac-em eats one, the goblins will turn blue for a few seconds, at which time she can eat them! Be careful, though, because once the goblins flash back to normal they'll be after her again!

After certain levels, an intermission screen will be shown which tells the story about Ms. Pac-em and Pac-em.

Note that there are two different game modes: Classic Mode plays more like the arcade, with arcade levels and bonuses, CHAMP Mode includes the Classic Mode with more enhancements, including more levels and bonuses!

screenshot Screenshot Classic Mode
CHAMP Ms. Pac-em, version 1.5

screenshot Screenshot CHAMP Mode
CHAMP Ms. Pac-em, version 1.5

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (* recommendation)

386/33Mhz or better IBM PC or 100% Compatible (* 486/33Mhz)
DOS 3.1 or greater, WIN 3.x, WIN 9x, WIN ..., OS/2, OS/2 Warp, (* DOS)
VGA (* VESA compatible VGA card)


Soundblaster card or compatible
1 or 2 analog joysticks
Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable

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