CHAMP Invaders 1.0
The year is 2002, and we've finally made first contact with an alien race. Unfortunately, they're looking to take over Earth!
Your mission: Stop wave after wave of advancing invaders with your laser cannon before they take over the planet!
Use your shields to stop the incoming missiles. Try to destroy the alien general ships for even more points. In CHAMP Mode, a whole new batch of aliens are out to get you. Use your guided missiles and fireballs to show off Earth´s new defenses. Good luck!

Get ready to stop the invasion with CHAMP Invaders. This game offers three modes of play: Classic, which is like an arcade version, CHAMP, which has enhanced graphics, sounds, and power-ups, and Deluxe Classic, which is like Classic with the addition of intermissioms, splitting and dropping invaders, and much more.

screenshot Screenshot Classic Mode
CHAMP Invaders, version 1.0

screenshot Screenshot CHAMP Mode
CHAMP Invaders, version 1.0

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (* recommendation)

486/33Mhz or better IBM PC or 100% Compatible (* 486DX/33Mhz)
DOS 3.1 and greater, WIN 3.x, WIN 9x, WIN ..., OS/2, OS/2 Warp (* DOS)
VGA (* VESA compatible VGA card)


Soundblaster card or compatible
1 or 2 analog joysticks
Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable

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