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Hi, Your hompeapge is great ! Thank you for giving all the champ games for free ! Please continue your page !
Luxembourg - 10/08/2004
Being a baby of the 70's and an arcade enthusiasist of the 80's (excuse my spelling), I found your site to be revolutionary. Who knew that I wasn't the only one who loved PacMan, Certipede, Galaga, Galaxian, Space Invaders, Ms. Pac Man, Millipede, Asteroid, Robotron, Defenders. Just to name a few of my arcade loves. I spent much of my money and hours in the arcades playing those games. Gosh, I wish it were the 80's again where there were arcades, candy, and pure fun. It was nice then! Thanks for bringing a piece of that back for me. If you ever find Frogger, and BurgeTime let me know. Remy
Remy <>
TX - 09/30/2004
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and to thank you for keeping the CHAMP-Games alive! I have been searching all over the 'net for classic arcade games but with little success. I came across KONG years ago and downloaded the shareware version of the game and started playing it immediately. I fell in love with the game and wanted to order the complete version when I found out I couldn't (they went out of business in 1998). About a few days ago, I did another search and found YOUR site - imagine my surprise that someone was keeping the CHAMP games going! Wow! So I've downloaded all the games from the download page and now I have hope again. Thank you very much and I am keeping my fingers crossed that someday CHAMP will come back and start creating/writing new games again. Thanks so much for all you've done and I will be visiting this website again many times in the near future! Your classic arcade games fan, John
John <>
GA USA - 09/25/2004
I love the free downloads, had a little trouble with the full version of galagon with the sound, but all the other ones are great, will you ever have donkey kong jr.?? would love to play the old school version!!--your games bring me back straight to the 80's--thanks alot!!
LaDonna <>
ca usa - 08/25/2004
great games thank
tx usa - 07/08/2004
I like record: to kong 133700 end galagon to 166200 thak you for champgames ;-)
Arslan SUKRU <>
Nuernberg, 230 Deutschland - 05/31/2004
I love the Games but when will you have Donkey Kong Jr.
Debra Thompson <>
Catoosa, Ok USA - 04/28/2004
Je suis trs heureux de pouvoir jouer avec des jeux d'antan, a me rappelle de bons souvenir du temps o j'allais jouer dans les arcades ... Merci Champ-EM pour ces bons programmes !!! ;-) i am very happy to be able to play my old favorites games, it's giving me nice memories of time i was going in arcades ... tanks to Champ-EM for all these very good games !!! ;-)
GentleSergio <>
Drummondville, QC Canada - 04/22/2004
WOAH! Champ has to be the best classic game compnay that still exists. Although I am 13, all of the CHAMP games were passed down via ShareWare CD's (SuperOz - 1996) and i fell in love with it. If anyone can tell me places where other CHAMP Games are, pleaseeeee e-mail me. Thanks a million! is my site
Giuseppe <>
Glen Cove, NY The USofA - 03/27/2004
nothing but the best its great to be able to actually turn back the clock
Zed <>
swindon, england - 03/25/2004
I love the old games. You guys rock. However, some of the files I downloaded had no setup files in them. Anyone have any suggestions?
tony <>
st. louis , mo USA - 03/22/2004
I found a sample copy of Centa-ped-em on an old 486, and I still like playing it I just wanted to check out the web site finally, the game is amazingly just like the old arcade game! Cool
John Hammer <>
Pueblo, CO USA - 03/19/2004
Thankls for the great info!
Gambling <Jake>
Sofia, Bulgaria - 03/09/2004
Vamsee <>
HYD, AP INDIA - 03/01/2004
Love the Retro games
Kevin Skoko <>
Edmonton, AB Canada - 02/06/2004
Hi ! Thank you for the games. I just love to play old arcade games, it is like being a pizzafaced teenager again. Yours truly. Jimbo
Denmark - 02/05/2004
Hi, I'm Really Glad I Found This Site! I Downloaded All The Full Versions Of The Games And I Really Love Them All! They Are So Much Fun And They Work Great On My Old 486 Computer! Thank You So Much To Everyone Involved! :)
Philip Hensley <>
Vancleve, KY United States - 01/25/2004
Thanks for all the great games. I am glad there are sites like this on the web.
Topeka, Ks - 01/20/2004
i am a huge fan me and my little sister fatty go latty her nickname but her real name is big bot just kidding her real name is shaquita. i just want to say good luck and stay strong write back peace out.
tiaira marshall <>
chicago, il united states - 01/19/2004
These games are great!!! this really takes me back to the old arcade. Bring back champ programming-there is a serious fan base out there i stumbled across 1 champ game on another site and it was so good i did a search and was disappointed they were out of business but i did download every one i could find -thanks-cool site!
Mi - 01/16/2004
I love this site, it brings back alot of memories, of my childhood, and spending all my money on these games..hehe
Nathan Crawford <>
- 01/13/2004
thank you this is a great site
henry_rockwell <>
redding, ca. usa - 01/04/2004
Thankyou for doing such a great job with these classics.It has been like reliving the past. Fantastic work!
Joel Wiseman <>
Stillwater, OK USA - 01/02/2004
Great site. What you guys have done is really great...Thanks!
Steve <>
Reston, VA USA - 01/01/2004
thank you for the old arcaide games
mudd <>
baltimore, md usa - 12/25/2003
i would just like to thank you guys for giving those who enjoyed the oldschool games a chance to go back in time a little and have some real fun by keeping it simple. thanks alot, Darrell
Darrell <>
germany - 11/23/2003
Bring back CHAMProgramming!!
Trip Cannon
OR - 11/22/2003
Love the games, and the cool web-page layout.
Johnny B Stroud <>
hamilton , MT ravalli - 11/15/2003
Now that's when games were really games. You have taken me way back. I love it!!!!
Ms. Dee
Houston, TX USA - 11/15/2003
Thanks for the GREAT remakes!
Donald <>
Augusta, Ga USA - 11/05/2003
Kewl! Two Danny's! But, the games work perfect under WIndows 98. I have an old 486 pc and all the versions of all the CHAMP games work great under it's DOS-sessions. If CHAMP doesn't work for you, try getting older hardware on eBay. Not expensive, too.
Danny <>
- 10/09/2003
Everytime when I start up a CHAMP game under Windows (I'm using Windows 98) I'm seeing a blue screen saying I must press Ctrl/Alt/Del or wait for the program to shut itself down. I have to run the game under DOS, but I have no sound under DOS (only PC speaker and most of the games don't support those anymore)! Can someone help me out?! Please mail me...
Danny <>
- 10/05/2003
This site just kicks ass! Am I allowed to say that?
Danny <>
- 10/04/2003
Muy se queden ahi...Hagan mas juegos como el Rally X..superpacman...scramble... etc..
Smoke <????>
????, CHILE - 09/30/2003
Love your games. Makes me relive my childhood lol. Would love to see a missile command remake soon hopefully???????? keep it up great job. Just like the arcade versions from long ago
Jesse <>
- 09/28/2003
Nice site :) Finaly! Galaga without quarters! bwahahahaha! (If you want me, I'll be at my computer for the next week... jk)
James <n/a>
n/a, n/a USA! - 09/17/2003
good site keep it up
Christian <id rather not reveal this>
palm harbor, fl usa - 09/16/2003
You could ask mr Champeau himself, since the email adress doesn't exist anymore. His e-mail adress is: Good luck.
Danny <>
- 09/15/2003
I just discovered this wonderful web site and love all of the games. I am however having a problem with the full version of Asterock, after downloading and installing I get this error; ERROR: User ID file is invalid. Contact CHAMProgramming for assistance Email: Any ideas? Thanks and Great Site! Jeff
Jeff Brady <>
St. Louis, MO USA - 09/13/2003
Danny <>
- 09/13/2003
I love every game Champ Programming has released. I was glad to find and download the full versions of Centiped 'Em and Asterocks. I was surprised when Champ Programming went out of business back in 98. I wished they released Frog Em. I still enjoy playing these games, it reminds me of spending every quarter I had on these games. Thanks for everything.
Tommy Gene <>
Midland, Tx USA - 09/09/2003
Will the other versions and games which are listed, but not downloadable, be uploaded as well? Mail me with the answer.
Danny <>
- 09/08/2003
I played a CHAMP game years ago. It was shareware, but i thought it was illegal to download full games. When i found your site, i was surprised full versions were available as download! I downloaded all the shareware versions as well, and i'm very glad i found your site! Thank you for bringing back some good memories!
Danny <>
- 09/08/2003
I downloaded the FULL version of Galagon (one of my two favorite titles, the other is Galaxia.) from another website, and when I installed it, I discovered that it was from Champ Games. I did a Google search under "Champ Games", and, behold, I found your wonderful website. I've since downloaded the rest of the Champ collection, all full versions, and all for FREE! These games all make me feel so young again, taking me back to my high-school days, when I used to hang out at the local arcades back in Michigan in the 1980's. I'm so glad the Champeau brothers agreed to release the registered versions of ALL their games as FREEWARE. I thank them, thank you, Mr. Kremer, and owe you all a debt I could NEVER even hope to repay! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! :-)
Gaylord Cohen <>
Hollywood, FL USA - 08/15/2003
Thanks for keeping these games available! It's like going back to high school again...
Doug Simmons <>
- 08/12/2003
Hello Champ its been awile sence ive gottin my first taste of your games got to say there great some miner problem but nothing i cant handle but on to the question at hand WHAT HAPPEN TO ZAXXON IM STILL WAITING TO HEAR SOMETHING THAT WAS MY ALL TIME FAV GAME GOT TO HAVE IT PLEASE!!! PAUL
Paul <>
bensalem, pa usa - 07/21/2003
I am having trouble with the games. On my desktop is will not start up correct. It takes a while for the actual game to show up. What has been happening is that when I open and click for the game to start it will go to a blue screen and from there is says that I have to push ctrl, atl del and it does this each time I try to get on it to play. Every once in a whilt it will let me on without problem.
Ms. Panther <>
Philaelphia, PA 19133 - 07/10/2003
first, thanks for making the games. BUT, the galagon game is so far out of balance, i can't believe it. i know how XP doesn't actually have DOS. but still, it's amazing how every thing that's not supposed to happen goes in favor of the computer. or how about how when i get to 75,000 points and 5 lives? the program promptly shuts itself down. amazing how it doesn't shut itself down when IT'S winning. or how about when i reach a high level (9 or above) and i have NO control of my player? i love sitting there and pressing the arrow buttons in vain as my lives get quickly stolen. nah. but i'm sure it's all XP's problem. hey, here's an idea for a bug: one that actually works in the player's advantage. nothing else is; that's for damn sure.
- 06/30/2003
I hope this is not considered commercial because I am not selling. I am looking to buy a software game that is complete. It must be a real team ball sport currently played,i.e., baseball, football. It must have on-line, realtime playing capability and I would like to have a quote for the cost of modification by the software designer. If this is not the correct place for me to ask for this, could you please point me in the right direction.
slap <>
FL - 06/26/2003
Thanks for bringing my grandmas atari to my very own home
Canada - 06/05/2003
Thanks for bringing back fun memories. These games are great. It takes me back to when I was young.
Aldo E. Galeana <mailto:aldogaleana@hotmail.coim>
Honolulu, HI USA - 06/05/2003
These games are great. I'm stuck on Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man. I loved these games as a kid, and they're just as great this time around. Thanks CHAMPProgramming!
Josh <>
Naples, FL - 05/08/2003
iam the ms.pacman champion, nobody can beat me in 2 player,on the banana,and a speed of 2, i scored over 90,000 pionts,beat that!
Ryan Johnson <junglistelite>
tampa, fl usa - 05/06/2003
I just love the games, they are all great and best of all the Galaxians clone is just as i remember it and just as fun to play- my all time fave game thanks for posting them
David Bowden <>
UK - 05/04/2003
Hello all:
I have been reading through the many posts in the guestbook and I would like to extend a heart-felt "thank-you" to everyone for their kind words. The comments have made me feel very proud for the games we produced at CHAMProgramming and it is nice to know that our hard work was appreciated. The demise of CHAMProgramming was very upsetting to me and I've always felt like I didn't get a chance to say "good bye" in a proper way. For that, I would like to thank Manfred for this fantastic site and a long-overdue oppportunity to say "thank you" to everyone who at one time or another enjoyed our games.

John W. Champeau
CHAMProgramming Inc.

John W. Champeau <>
- 04/22/2003

I remember stumbling upon these guys years ago, then they vanished. I always thought they did an excellent job of recreating the old games. Thanks for making these cool games available again. Any idea if the programmers have plans to create any more games?
R. Lowe
- 04/18/2003
I know this is a bit late, but I think I have the formula to get the CHAMP guys back in business. If there are CHAMP reps. that wish to do business, please email me.
Alex Last <>
Singapore - 04/13/2003
i need help some reason it wont work on my XP but it will work on my dad comp XP Window but not on mine
jennifer <>
LaMarque, Tx USA - 04/09/2003
I like donkeykong because it reminds me of,when i was a kid
arcinis vasquez <>
miami, fl usa - 04/05/2003
Hallo Manfred.. Deine Seite ist sehr gut! Danke! - The games are great and a refreshing reflection from the past of my days listening to Kraftwerk, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Falco, and many others while the world was much more laid back. Danke schun (thanks). -= Chaz aus America =-
Chaz <>
- 03/30/2003
These games are great! Thanks. They take me back some years.
kevin <>
ky USA - 02/21/2003
I'm not wrong in saying you contacted the creator of these games to have them posted up on your site right? You need to contact this guy or guys and tell them they need to get back behind the wheel and get this company running again. There is a defiante fan base out there that would buy these games. Please contact them.
Dave <>
- 02/17/2003
I remember getting a CHAMP shareware version of Galaxia years ago, and playing it to death. I never thought the company would have gone bust meanwhile! I would have loved to find more information about CHAMP... who were they? Why did they try the field of arcade emulation? Why did they go bust? Where are they now? Just in case you have any free time in the next few years :-)
Alex Jazayeri <>
London, UK - 02/07/2003
I LOVE THESE! They are great!!!! Thxs for making them most of the other clones on the net suck.Now If I can request something.We need a RPG of sorts now =) Hey maybe a Gauntlet remake? lol .You keep making them and ill keep playing them =)
Joseph <>
Dallas, TX USA! - 02/05/2003
Searched the net for a couple of days and just about gave up looking for Galaxians. Then as luck would have it, I came across your site and found a superb version of Galaxians and all the other games. The kids have a great time playing them and I have an even better time playing them. Many many thanks, they are truely classics from my era.
Derek <>
United Kingdom - 01/29/2003
John, today's games leave just too little to the imagination. Thanks so much for re-creating these classic arcade games and improving on them with CHAMP mode.
San Jose, CA - 01/27/2003
Thanks for making the registered versions available for download!! Galagon is a superb recreation of Galaga. Exact in just about every detail. Kong is a nice try at recreating the Coleco Vision classic but falls a tad short. Overall, kudos to Champ for the great work and for bringing back some awesome childhood memories. Heard a rumour they went belly up. Is a crying shame if that is true. 80's video games RULE and no matter how good todays one's are, nothing can replace them.....Ken
seagull369 <>
poughkeepsie, ny usa - 01/20/2003
Just been playing Kong, its a good attempt at recreating the Kong of the 80's we all came to love but falls well short of the mark in many features. The waiting under the ladder waiting for a safe passage, and what happened to levels 2 (custard pies) and level 3 (lifts)
Martin Crombie <>
Lancaster, LA UK - 01/19/2003
Absolutely GREAT!!! Champ Galagon brings me back to the 80's!!! ;-))) I used to spend thousands of "1 Mark-Stcke" (one german mark-pieces) into this damned machine!! ;-)) (Everything was better these times! ;-)) Thanks!!!!
Ingo <>
DU, NRW Germany - 01/17/2003
this is great man!! it brings back great memories of when i was a kid popping quarters in the games.damn i miss the 80`s!lol.......hey anyone who likes old games,and gothic metal email me ok?
eric <>
central,california , ca u.s.a. - 01/06/2003
Great Site. I loved Champ Games, I have all the registered versions.
Rich Conner
- 12/26/2002
Great site. I used to love CHAMP games!
Wolfgang Frost <>
- 12/25/2002
As I am sure you have herd many time before you site is among the beat I have ever visited. I too love old games. No violence just fun. Thank you I feel Pleasure to have had the chance to visit your site.
PSI_69 <>
Mannnheim, AE Germany - 12/17/2002
Champ games are back.
Brigitte J. Hearst <>
McCormick, SC United States - 12/05/2002
Thanks for letting me introduce my kids to the classic games I grew up on. They like a lot of these games as much as the new ones! Keep up the good work!
Seale, AL USA - 10/26/2002
Thank you, i love old games. Your site is excelent!!
Jirka <>
Czech Republic - 10/14/2002
I originally found out about CHAMPgames back in 1998 when I had bought a shareware CD. That CD had CHAMP Centiped-em, CHAMP Galaxia & CHAMP Kong on it. I tried CHAMP Kong and discovered the order form when I installed CHAMP Kong. I looked over the order form and found CHAMP Invaders. CHAMP Invaders was what I chose to order from CHAMProgramming, because I wanted to own a license to a faithful Space Invaders adaptation. Thank you very much for this great fan site.
Wallace Lang <>
Sioux City, IA United States - 10/07/2002
i would like to download one of the games and i cant get in (the page not inable) so how can i down load ??? p.s that is agreat games
danny asa <>
tel aviv, israel - 08/13/2002
I love this site, but came here after it was shut down. I would really like to be able to download your version of Donkey Kong. Is there any hope of you being able to make that dream come true? Don't let this site die!!
Manny <>
Staten Island, NY USA - 08/12/2002
I am a great fan of pacman i,m looking for full versions of this game so if je let me in it will be fine thanks for this great side see je bye bye
pacman <>
amsterdam, nh holland - 08/04/2002
RIO LINDA, CA USA - 08/02/2002
A blast from the past
Larry Post <>
Plainfield, CT USA - 07/27/2002
Hey all...This is a GREAT site! I've been here in the past...But never downloaded the full versions of these games! I thought that this site was down. Well, now I seem to have a problem, I need a user name and password...Can I have one please? Thanx...I'll be back!
George Murch Jr. <>
Hoboken, NJ 07030 - 07/25/2002
And also I would like to say that Champ deserves better than to go out of business. The games are very fun and are almost identical to the classics. It's too bad this had to happen to you guys... Well, I love the games, and I'm so glad I found this site! You guys did a great job!
- 07/23/2002
I just want to say that this site is awesome, and these games are awesome! Thank you!
- 07/23/2002
I realy like a blast from the past. You've given me jest, that. Thank You! Fred
Frederick W. Hague <>
Howell, NJ USA - 06/23/2002
i would like the username and password to some of the games
Pat Hal <>
Detroit, Mi 48227 - 06/22/2002
were can i get the username and password
john blunk <ghostmaster@inter-linc,net>
- 06/20/2002
these games r awsome ive played them before
john blunk <ghostmaster@inter-linc,net>
mo usa - 06/20/2002
Would love to download Galaxia, but login name & password required. What would I have to do to sign up your site? Laurentiu, loving old classic games
Laurentiu Parpalita <>
Iasi, Iasi Romania - 06/20/2002
Very cool site! I only just found out about this today! (6/19/2002)
Bob DeCrescenzo
- 06/20/2002
Finally about time that I found this sites for 4 years that sooo long time and until I see that free some goods games, I took some downloads and I love all this games!! Thanks!!
Kennie <>
Columbus, OH USA - 06/17/2002
I LOVE your games!!!
Pamela <>
Franklin Park, Il USA - 06/15/2002
Oh my gosh, you have touched my heart with your love of CHAMP games. I may have missed that era of gaming (actually born in the 80's - couldn't do much then!) but now I am able to experience the video gaming era. I'm very much saddened by the demise of CHAMProgramming.
MonkeyBoy <>
Perth, WA Australia - 06/06/2002
My girlfriend loves Galaga. Thanks for Galagon!
Ber <>
- 05/10/2002
I found your new site keep up the good work could you update this to 2002 with new stuff I am after fogger and moon buggy if you have the full version DA!!!!!!!
David Elder <>
Adelaide, S.A Australia - 05/02/2002
This is a cool site!!!!!!
- 05/01/2002
Hello !
Dirk Hoehmann <>
Tuttlingen, Germany - 04/25/2002
Thanks for the great downloads. I accidently stumbled upon this site. I have been looking for some of these champ games for a while now & I have finally found them. Thanks a bunch. I remember spending hours at the arcade in the mall in my youth playing these games. Thanks again for making them available for download.
Texarkana, Tx Bowie - 04/25/2002
Great site. Some great games for my laptop.
Greg Simmons <>
peoria, il usa - 04/24/2002
I'm so happy I found this site. I didn't know these other Champ games existed. I'm now going to throw the rest of these great games into my arcade cabinet as a replacement for MAME. I will probably have the only CHAMP cabinet :)
Mike Gibson <>
Bloomington, IL USA - 04/23/2002
It was bad to see Champ Games to go out of business but you have a great fan page. I have every registered Champ game but Asterocks and Centiped Em. I was glad to find and download both of them. I enjoy the games and brings back memories.
Tommy Gene <>
San Angelo, TX USA - 04/22/2002
Hi list! I'm happy having found such arcade games for PC. Unfortunately they aren't for MS Windows. I'm really crazy about Champ Kong, because it's reminding my youth in gorgours gamehalls in the 80ies with Falco on the radio. At the moment I'm world record holder of CHAMPKong Version 1.15. My alltime highscore is about 749'000 points in skill level 15! I'm the only King of Champ kong now. But I'm not sure if the skills are the same like the arcade gambler in the 80ies. It seems to be same. Scoreboard of them you can see at .Feel free to mail KONGnatics allover the world whereever you are. I've beem spending nd 5 hours a day to crack once the 1m. Maybe next who knows... For all the rest of you, Good luck!
Harald ANDRAE <>
Vienna , Vienna AUSTRIA - 04/11/2002
It takes me back in time, it's nice to have a go at the original arcade games, at last I can complete all the levels of kong without having to spend a fourtune on larger.
Nick Rowles <>
cardiff, wales - 04/11/2002
Very cool site. These games are a way to maintain a link to the sanity of simpler times, or at least a method of time travel for us arcade hounds of the past. Your efforts are appreciated. Very cool!
Williams Lake, BC Canada - 04/07/2002
So here I am back to the oldies..thanks for the games that are free to download ..thank you ...thank you...
K.Ting <>
Taipei, Taiwan - 04/06/2002
Hi Champ, Like many people i was searching for Galaga or Galagon and was almost orgasmic when i came across your version and played it! I have played many galaga duds/crap versions but your Galagon is perfect. I would of loved to see a P.C. version of Gyruss as well and a few others, anyway thanks heaps.. All the Best!
Justin <>
NSW Australia - 04/05/2002
Too bad ChamProgramming went out of business... I was just considering sending a few bucks for full versions of shareware I have been playing for a few years... So now I get them for free, and I can even make my own "digital" joystick... Keep the site up, il'l come for more!
Patrick D <>
Paris, France - 04/02/2002
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I can't begin to thank you enough to find all my childhood favourites all on one site and for free (I remember spending all my dinner money on them at the arcade near me).
Leon S
Bristol, England - 04/01/2002
I love the champ games. How do I go about getting a champ cable?
Laura Jutras <>
- 03/31/2002
I am interested in getting ahold of all the full version CHAMP games. Email if you can help. Any help is appreciated.
Ron <>
- 03/10/2002
ive been looking for galogon forever !! great games would be worth the money!!!!!!! thank you
steve <>
sparta, tn usa - 02/17/2002
The Champ Kong games are TOOO easy! I can do all the levels in one go. my HI score is 232'000 points U all SUCK! I'm the King of Champ kong. There should be a CHAMP KONG WORLD TOURNAMENT. Can u guys arrange it?
Norway - 02/10/2002
i was searching for old classic games..and i found so i dl PACMAN (my first game) when i got it..i installed it..and then i think i played that game for hours on END...then when i got back to the net i 'had' to order the pacman game..and i got that with mspacman, and Donkey Kong All the games played great..i just wish that champgames was still HERE...cause they had some good games...that we KNOW and loved...and thanks again for posting "MORE" champ games i hope you dont mine but here is a 2nd url that is 'known for arcade classics on the pc Via Windows/dos"... hope you check it OUT...
kevin <>
richmond, va usa - 02/09/2002
This a very good site KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Andrew Brisban, QLD Australia - 02/08/2002
Very nice work done here and im looked all over but regretebly can not find the one im searching for JET SET WILLY ,,,that game was played around 1985 on CPC 64 commodores or somthing like that you had to load the game via a cassete took moor than 30 minutes to upload but when you played the game you forgot al time litrely 100ndrets of rooms to concer can you or somebody help me to find this game JET SET WILLY tanks
Kreazybugger <>
Rooy, - Netherlands - 02/05/2002
PHOENIX, AZ USA - 02/02/2002
I GOT 91200 POINTS WHILE PLAYING CHAMPKONG CLASSIC VER. 1.5!!! IS THAT GOOD? Have anybody got a better highscore, emaail me! sl
Kai <>
voss, HO Norway - 02/01/2002
It's an awful shame CHAMProgramming went downhill cos there were well good games on this site. Keep it up...
Fred Bloggs
- 01/30/2002
I was looking for Kong for a long time. Now I can remember my kid time with this game. Many thanks for this site. It's wonderful.
Giovani Eduardo <>
Blumenau, SC Brazil - 01/16/2002
Hello i like the site dedicated to these great games, lot of happy mameries playing Galagon etc. I suppose champs demise was brought about by the emulator programs like MAME etc. Just one small error about the Galaxia (Galaxian), you state that Galaxian is a Atari classic, Galaxian was infact made by Namco and licensed to Midway. Mike
mikedturner <>
redfield, bristol england europe - 01/09/2002
If you want more gaming links go to this page:
Vince <>
ssm, on canada - 01/09/2002
I am looking for a PC versiion of Donkey Kong Jr. I did some years back purchase Donkey Kong, Mrs. Pac Man and Space Invaders on floppy disk from your company. Sorry to hear you went out-of-business.........mike
mike maier <>
sioux city, ia USA - 01/06/2002
Cool Site & Great Downloads Brings Back Memories Thanks.
- 01/03/2002
Glad I found you. The CHAMP games were all excellent ports from the original arcade versions. Too bad I hadn't discovered them before CHAMP went under.
Tom Killinger <>
Kalamazoo, MI - 12/28/2001
Danke fuer diese Tollen Spiele. Deine Seite ist echt toll. Viele Gruesse aus Germany.....
Stone <>
- 12/27/2001
Are there any cheat codes for these games?
Dave <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - 12/25/2001
i think yahoo is scrwing you i have look for your sit i forgot the name so i put champrograming ten way with one or two "p" the game names and champ togther no luck. i rack my bran and thank god i fund you. i love your sit and the games. i even have my own champ cabal i made thank you one more time rob in toronto canada!
rob <>
toronto, on canada - 12/20/2001
I recently discovered the wonderful shareware versions of Kong, Pac-em and Galagon. They're so much like the originals that I played in high school. Looking into their purchase, I simultaneously discovered Champ's demise and your web site. Wow, I'm a happy happy guy - thanks form me and my 5-year-old who is hooked as well!
Eric <>
West Hartford, CT USA - 12/11/2001
I couldn't have been more happy to stumble across this web site. Thank you for keeping the ChampGames spirit alive! I thought I'd never get a chance to play some of the other games I didn't get to purchase before they went out of business. Hopefully, somehow, someway, they will start again and finish the awesome collection of games they started.
Dave <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - 11/22/2001
if i didn't know any better i would think im playing the real thing. it brings back my pass youth thank you
rob <>
toronto, canada - 11/19/2001
This is great I have been looking for these games in full version for a long time champ did a good job before they went out of business. To bad there are more games I'd like to see in pc format. thanks
Tim Horn <>
- 11/18/2001
I have really been looking for the champ games. I really like the old arcade games. These new style arcade games are for the younger group of kids. Just glade I have stumbled across this site. A very good site indeed.
kevin gambill <>
- 11/01/2001
I currently have a sample version of Galagon and would like to know if if is possible to obtain the full version by downloading it from your site or another site. Can you tell me how I can do this?
L Neal <>
London, ON, Canada - 10/25/2001
CHAMProgramming was one of the last, truly dedicated developers of commercial games for DOS. I respect their work, and have ever since I first experienced their games in 1996. I was glad to find this tribute site, and relieved that it is run by a DOS user; someone who tests their website via Arachne. That is the kind of person I am most comfortable with having run a CHAMP Games dedication website like this one. Kudos to you, Mr. Kremer!
Death Adder <>
- 10/09/2001
I really enjoyed Champ games before emulation became what it is. I never thought I would be able to get more of their games, that is till now! Thanks for making this site. Great work! PCMNC
CA USA - 10/09/2001
Thanks for the GREAT GAMES!!!
Mike Brick <>
Sunnyvale, CA USA - 10/05/2001
CHAMP-EM is really the best information source about CHAMProgramming and the CHAMPgames on the web.
Germany - 10/04/2001

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