CHAMP Galaxia 1.51
A great version of the famous arcade classic game - CHAMP Galaxia. Based on CHAMP Galaxian, this version offers superb graphics, Soundblaster support and enhanced gameplay that truly makes you feel like you're in an arcade! A completely re-designed user interface is now easier and more powerful than before. A complete remake of the look and feel has created a truly enjoyable game.

The object of CHAMP Galaxia is to destroy the Galaxian fleet and save the earth. With each ship you destroy, you score points.

The Planet Galaxia is home to an alien race that has declared war on Earth. You're drafted into the Galactic Military to defend the earth against the alien invaders. You're given command ships and an endless supply of missiles, the aliens defenses are few so one good shot can obliterate their ship.

The Galaxian fleet attacks in waves, each one harder than the last. Flags are used to show that a wave has been destroyed. You must pilot the command ships right and left to dodge Galaxian attacks while firing back to destroy the aliens. When a Flagship is destroyed while in flight the rest of the fleet stops firing for a few seconds of mourning.

Get ready to destroy the Galaxian fleet and save the earth. Note that there are two different game modes: Classic mode plays more like the arcade game, CHAMP Mode includes the Classic Mode with more enhancements, including more patterns, shields, and different enemies!

screenshot Screenshot Classic Mode
CHAMP Galaxia, version 1.51

screenshot Screenshot CHAMP Mode
CHAMP Galaxia, version 1.51

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (* recommendation)

386/33Mhz or better IBM PC or 100% Compatible (* 486/33Mhz)
DOS 3.1 or greater, WIN 3.x, WIN 9x, WIN ..., OS/2, OS/2 Warp, (* DOS)
VGA (* VESA compatible VGA card)


Soundblaster card or compatible
1 or 2 analog joysticks
Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable

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