CHAMP Galagon 1.0
Get ready to stop the Galagon Empire from taking over Earth with CHAMP Galagon, release from CHAMProgramming. The Galagons attack in waves, firing missiles down on your ship. You must avoid colliding into the missiles and enemy ships.

This game offers two modes of play: Classic, which is like an arcade version, and CHAMP, which has enhanced graphics, weapons, attack patterns, and power-ups.

screenshot Screenshot Classic Mode
CHAMP Galagon, version 1.0

screenshot Screenshot CHAMP Mode
CHAMP Galagon, version 1.0

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (* recommendation)

486/33Mhz or better IBM PC or 100% Compatible (* 486DX2/66Mhz)
DOS 3.1 and greater, WIN 3.x, WIN 9x, WIN ..., OS/2, OS/2 Warp (* DOS)
VGA (* VESA compatible VGA card)


Soundblaster card or compatible
1 or 2 analog joysticks
Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable

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