Of course, I am a fan of the classic Arcade games from the late 70's, early 80's. For a long time those games were only available as coin-op games or for home use in a lower resolution as console games. The manufacturers did not offer any PC-version, however, as time went by, and in the course of technical progress in the computer area, talented programmers designed remarkable remakes. Unfortunately the quality of those games was way below the originals.

The situation changed finally in 1996, when a small US company, called CHAMProgramming, published their game CHAMP Kong. CHAMP Kong was a perfect remake of Nintendoís Donkey Kong. The game was very similar to the original. But CHAMProgramming did not stop at imitating a game, CHAMProgramming added perfect sound, superb graphics, new levels and in an addition to the classic arcade mode an additional CHAMP-mode to the game that truly makes you feel like you're in an arcade!

From then on things happened fast. In the tradition of CHAMP Kong the company realized the remakes of Ms. Pacman, Pacman, Galaxian, Centipede, Asteroids, Space Invaders and finally in December 1997 Galaga. What had started in 1992 with remarkable success and resulted in a game-loverís rendition of the games between 1996 and 1997, ended unexpected abruptly in 1998. Just before the remakes of Frogger and Burger Time were completed CHAMProgramming went out of business in 1998.

For many fans of the games it came like a disaster and also I could hardly believe it for a long time. And now, many years later, I hope my website is still a good way to keep the great games alive. And who knows - may one day there will be a new game by CHAMProgramming.

A short note about the design of my website. It was not easy - I hope you like the design. I have tried to keep it simple. Thatís how come my website is still in basic HTML-code and visitors coming from web-browsers like Arachne under DOS or Internet Explorer under Windows 3.1 will see my pages like Netscape under Windows XP.

Finally I would like to thank all those without whose help and support "The CHAMPgames Fan Page" would not have been possible in the way it exists today.

Special thanks to:

John W. Champeau
President of CHAMProgramming, for his permission to release the full version of the games on my web page
Robert Cole
Sound Designer of CHAMProgramming, for his Flash Movie with Sound Samples of Frog-em and Burger Climb
Patrick Delafon
for his excellent CHAMP-Cable information
The DOS Games Archive
which included my website on his website as a link and thereby dramatically helped increase web traffic with search engines
Dustin Friend
for Pacmaniac
Yogi Holzer
for his great support to make the full version of Centiped-em available as download
Remco de Korte
for Asteroid
All visitors who wrote e-mails to me or signed the guest book

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